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I'm a meditation teacher and have been meditating every day since 2001. I created The Way of Meditation to help bring high quality meditation methods into the lives of millions of people to alleviate mental suffering and reach the highest spiritual potential. I believe everyone should meditate, in the same way everyone should eat healthy food and exercise regularly, it is just essential for a healthy life and to promote positive well being.

From 2001 I spent 6 years living in a meditation hut at a Tibetan Buddhist centre in Australia. I studied Tibetan Buddhism full time with my main teacher Geshe Tashi Tsering whilst living and practising meditation in my retreat hut in the bush. Now with my teacher's blessings I am determined to bring the wisdom from ancient Tibetan Buddhism into the modern world in an easy to understand way. I am also a fully qualified meditation teacher with the Australian Institute of Meditation, I have a degree in counselling and a passion for helping people live healthy and happy lives. 


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I teach techniques on this website that are authentic powerful Buddhist methods that bring results and now from my humble beginnings living in a bush hut without electricity I now  reach over 250,000 people a month with my blogs and teachings.

On my website you will find all sorts of help to understand meditation, practice meditation and consistently deepen your practise.

Guided Meditation

To Begin Meditation

Take a look how easy it is to have a perfect meditation posture.

If you have never meditated before I recommend you play one of my relaxation and mindfulness guided meditations to experience the benefits of meditation for yourself with my voice gently guiding you.

I also recommend to start with 5 tips on how to start a daily meditation practice. You can read the basics on mindfulness meditation and how to do it, and for more advanced methods you can read about awareness, self inquiry and non-dual presence.

Or follow exactly how I meditate everyday with these written instructions for daily meditation training.

You can now also follow my daily inspiring meditation quotes, articles and discussions at The Way of Meditation Facebook page with a community of over 180,ooo people and growing.

Or contact me on my personal Facebook or Twitter I would love to hear from you.

Series Of Four Guided Meditation Classes

I have created a series of four guided meditations recorded live from my meditation classes in the Australian bush. With kookaburras and other bird sounds in the background, I also use Tibetan singing bowls for relaxation and gently guide you into states of deep peace and clear awareness.

This series of four guided meditations go for 45 minutes each where I guide you through a gradual progression of guided meditations: firstly focused on the breath and mindfulness and then activating the the three main chakras and then self inquiry into the nature of awareness and finally resting as effortless non-dual presence leading to the ultimate enlightened experience of your true nature.

Four Guided Meditations With Chad Foreman

The Way of Meditation Blog


I love writing about my experiences with meditation, my studies and practices, all the different techniques I've tried and generally I simply enjoy sharing my perspectives. Have a read of one of my favourites - Driving Yourself Sane With Meditation or check out 9 Attitudes To Deepen Your Mindfulness or read one of my most popular blogs It Turns Our Enlightenment Is Just Having a Really Good Sense Of Humour.

I also have guest writers contributing their depth of experience and wisdom like Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh explaining 5 different techniques to master mindfulness Tibetan meditation master Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche explaining exactly how to do mindfulness meditation, or another Tibetan master Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche teaching the difference between mindfulness and awareness  or The Dalai Lama describing the very heart of meditation.  There is something for everyone from beginners to advanced meditation theories here at  The Way of Meditation Blog.

Take The 21 Day Meditation Challenge With Chad Foreman

Once you are determined to take  up a daily meditation practice I will help get you there. Take the 21 Day Meditation Challenge and meditate for 20 minutes a day for 21 days to create the healthiest habit of your life.

Online Mindfulness Meditation Course

I have created the challenge with 21 guided meditation recordings starting with relaxation, mindfulness and breathing and then progressing to love meditation, pranayama and then tantra and finally guiding you into the deepest non-dual spiritual nature within.

This meditation challenge is the culmination of my years of experience and study. Inspired by the gradual meditation path outlined within Tibetan Buddhism, this challenge draws on centries of wisdom delivered in a modern and easy to understand way and everyday includes articles from the greatest meditation masters in history to help guide and inspire you every step of the way.

Take The 21 Day Meditation Challenge



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