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Free Guided Meditations

  Free Guided Meditations 

With Meditation Teacher
Chad Foreman

1) Mindfulness Of Breathing Guided Meditation (2o min)

From Day 8 of the 21 Day Meditation Challenge 

The Way of Meditation helps to overcome a scattered and agitated mind and develop concentration and relaxation at the same time. By learning to let go of thoughts and watch the breath you can develop a stable mind that can focus on what you want rather than being pushed and pulled in any direction by random thoughts.

Mindfulness is the foundation of all meditation training. Mindfulness is the calmly abiding on an object without judgement or labels, a pure type of seeing is cultivated that is clear and open. At this stage it is important to try and watch the breath without controlling the breath. The breath is superior to other objects of meditation because you get such great feedback from watching the breath. And it is difficult to not control it while you are watching it. It takes a skill in neutral observation, relaxation and surrender.

This meditation will leave you feeling clear and relaxed.

Click to open then download file  - Day8 Mindful Breathing

2)  3 Types of Stillness Guided Meditation (20 min)

From Day 10 of the 21 Day Meditation Challenge 

The three stillnesses are stillness of body, stillness of speech and stillness of mind. It is a profoundly simple method that uses stillness as a meditation method. This covers the three types of actions we can make to effect the world. Bodily actions, speech and thoughts. When the stillness of these three things is experienced it is a gateway to a sublime and transcendent type of stillness and peace.


Click to open then download file - Day 10 The 3 Stillness's


3) Awakening Pure Presence Guided Meditation (37min) 

This was recorded live from one of Chad Foreman's guided meditation classes on the Sunshine Coast, Australia in a Rainforest Retreat. This guided meditation is the 4th from Chad's full Series of Guided Meditations

This guided meditation gradually leads you through stages of relaxation, releasing blocked energy, loving kindness, acceptance and eventually to a pure unbounded awaken presence. This is an amazing experience. Get comfortable, sit up straight and give this a try.


Click to open then download file -  Awakening Pure Presence

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4) Guided Meditation on Radical Acceptance (20min)

This guided meditation is taken from day 18 of Chad Foreman's program the 21 Day Meditation Challenge.

This meditation is from the most advanced stages of the meditation challenge which leads you into the deepest and most profound states of consciousness. This meditation enables you to find complete acceptance of the present moment and therefore become familiar with a deep state of peace and contentment.

This is a rare opportunity to be guided by such an experienced meditation teacher as Chad Foreman into a profound state of simplicity.


Click to open then download fileDay18 Radical Acceptance

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