Free Guided Meditations

 Free Guided Meditations 

Guided by Mindfulness and Meditation Coach
Chad Foreman


1) Guided Meditation for Relaxation and Acceptance. (17min)

The Way of Meditation helps to overcome a scattered and agitated mind and develop concentration and relaxation at the same time. By learning to let go of thoughts and watch the breath you can develop a stable mind that can focus on what you want rather than being pushed and pulled in any direction by random thoughts.

This guided meditation also includes an important component to relaxation and peace which is forgiveness and acceptance.

You cannot achieve peace without accepting yourself and accepting others.

This meditation will leave you feeling clear and relaxed.

Download Here - Open link and then Right Click and 'Save' to Your Device -  Guided Relaxation Meditation


2) Guided Meditation on Equanimity and Calmly Abiding (18min)

Equanimity is at the heart of a peaceful mind. Being equanimous is not letting passing thoughts bother you or be disturbed by the fluctuations of circumstances.

This guided meditation by Chad Foreman uses the ancient Buddhist techniques for equalising appearances, which helps to dissolve the tendency of the ego to be agitated by the need or desire for certain things. This allows us to develop a more peaceful state of mind that is stable and calm – a great benefit to you and everyone around you

After completing this guided meditation you will feel confident to manage problems calmly without loosing your peace of mind. You will be able to remain calm and focused.

Download Here - Open link and then Right Click and 'Save' to Your Device-  Calmly Abiding With Equanimity



3) Awakening Pure Presence (37min) 

This was recorded live from one of Chad Foreman's guided meditation classes on the Sunshine Coast, Australia in a Rainforest Retreat. This guided meditation is the 4th from Chad's full Series of Guided Meditations

This guided meditation gradually leads you through stages of relaxation, releasing blocked energy, loving kindness, acceptance and eventually to a pure unbounded awaken presence. This is an amazing experience. Get comfortable, sit up straight and give this a try.

Download Here - To Save To Your Device-  Awakening Pure Presence

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4) Guided Meditation on Non-Dual Wisdom (20min)

This guided meditation is taken from day 20 of Chad Foreman's world famous 21 Day Meditation Challenge. From the most advanced stages of the meditation challenge this guided meditation leads you into the deepest and most profound states of consciousness. A natural freedom experience of totality and complete peace in the moment - this is a rare opportunity to be lead by such an experienced meditation teacher as Chad Foreman into profound states of awareness.

Download Here - Open File to Save to your Device - Day 20 Non-Dual Wisdom

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