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meditation lessonsWhether you are a beginner at meditation or have been meditating for years Chad can help deepen your practice, take you to the next level or start you on your journey of mindfulness, peace and the natural bliss of awareness with private meditation lessons online.

Chad is fully qualified meditation teacher with the Australian Institute of Meditation, he is a former Buddhist monk,  spent 6 years living in an isolated retreat hut studying and practising Tibetan Buddhist methods, learning Buddhist philosophy and meditation techniques. Chad is also a mindfulness coach and uses mindfulness based A.C.T - Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to help overcome disturbing emotions and negative thinking.

Chad has been leading meditation groups and workshops since 2002. He started the most popular Meditation Facebook page ever- Meditation Masters with over 1.7 million followers and now has over 60,000 people following him at The Way of Meditation.

Along with his indepth study and experience of Tibetan Buddhism he has studied and practised in all the major meditation traditions like Yoga, Zen, Theravada Buddhism, Dzogchen, Mahamudra and Advaita Vedanta. With his vast knowledge and over 15 years meditating experience Chad can help coach you on the path to mindfulness, peace, natural awareness and living an awakened life. Chad unites the wisdom from ancient meditation traditions with the latest scientific studies.

Chad has been teaching meditation since 2002 and has helped hundreds of people reach their personal and meditation goals. Whether you want to reduce stress, overcome anxiety, develop concentration, improve performance, be more calm or discover a hidden dimension of inner peace and stillness Chad can help coach you there.

Your private meditation lessons include:

  • Personal meditation coaching
  • Meditation psychology
  • Personal counselling
  • Learn about mindfulness and awareness
  • How to improve your concentration
  • How to overcome stress and anxiety
  • Help create a daily routine
  • Learn how to fully relax
  • Ongoing support to maintain your meditation practice
  • Discover a hidden dimension of peace and stillness within
  • *Chad also teaches advanced meditation methods like Tibetan inner fire meditation (Tummo) and other Tantric and Mantra techniques.

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