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Sufism is the esoteric path within Islam, where the goal is to purify oneself and achieve mystical union with the Supreme (named Allah in this tradition). The practitioners of Sufism are called Sufis, and they follow a variety of spiritual practices, many of which were influenced by the tradition of Yoga in India. In this post, I’ll explore
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Meditation teacher
Meditation Teacher A friend recently told me about a woman who went to her first weekend-long meditation retreat and, upon her return, began setting up shop as a Meditation Teacher (capital “M,” capital “T”). I was surprised to hear about this, as an introductory weekend retreat is not a lot of time to learn the
The Revolution Of Enlightenment The enlightenment I speak of is not simply a realization, not simply the discovery of one’s true nature. This discovery is just the beginning—the point of entry into an inner revolution. Realization does not guarantee this revolution; it simply makes it possible. What is this inner revolution? To begin with, revolution
A Real Holiday A famous saying in Alcoholics Anonymous is “wherever you go, there you are.” Highlighting the fact that you cannot just move away from your addiction to another town because you take your mind with you wherever you go, which includes all the mechanisms that create addiction in the first place. It’s the
In mindfulness meditation, or shamatha, we are trying to achieve a mind that is stable and calm. What we begin to discover is that this calmness or harmony is a natural aspect of the mind. Through mindfulness meditation practice we are just developing and strengthening it, and eventually we are able to remain peacefully in our
There are so many blogs about Karma and lots of lively discussions on social media so I thought I would add my interpretations and understanding of Buddhist Karma. I was briefly ordained as a Tibetan Buddhist monk in 2002, lived for five years in a meditation retreat hut and also studied full time for five
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Mahamudra Mahamudra is the ultimate Buddhist meditation which started in India and flourished in Tibet which teaches to rest naturally in the essence of your own mind. Mahamudra is the highest form of meditation in Tibet, it’s an advanced meditation practice from the Tibetan Buddhist School of Kagyu. It came into Tibet via the Mahasidhi
When I began running, naturally I found myself applying the principles of meditation to my exercise. For me, this seems natural because running is a training of the body, and meditation is a training of the mind. Ideally, we do not have to decide which is better. Both are natural parts of who we are.
Innermost awareness
Innermost Awareness Is The Essence Of All Tibetan Buddhist Teachings I have great interest in the statement by many wise persons in all the orders of Tibetan Buddhism that their systems come down to the same final principle, and I feel that this is what I should and must explain. Such an exploration may be
Aboriginal healing
The Healing Power of Listening in Stillness People have always experienced pain, and in the vast span of time before the colonial expansion of western culture, indigenous cultures weren’t without their methods of dealing with trauma. For centuries we’ve largely ignored the wisdom of those among us who are still directly connected to ancestral ways of knowledge. As our
The first principle is becoming aware of our thoughts and the nature of thought. By taking the position of just being an observer of the thoughts and images that come and go we recognize all thoughts are the same: they are temporary appearances that come and go like clouds in the sky. Give no importance to
I have been meditating for over 20 years and I now teach meditation and write hundreds of blogs about it. My interest in meditation began during my professional tennis playing days. I realised I had to control my temper and strong emotions to be able to win matches so I learned mental techniques to focus and calm
Silent Illumination Silent illumination is a Buddhist practice that can be traced back not only to Huineng (638–713), the sixth patriarch of Chan, and other Chinese masters but also to the early teachings of the Buddha. In the Chan tradition, silent illumination is referred to as mozhao, from the Chinese characters mo (silent) and zhao
[This is an extract from a talk given by a Tibetan Buddhist Master – Lama Yeshe to western students doing a Buddhist retreat around Christmas time] This is the week of Holy Jesus’ birth, and I suggest that in honor of this special event we make some sort of celebration. But we should try to make
Facebook is the most popular social media in the world with over one billion users. It’s easy to criticise Facebook as a mind numbing activity of arguments, opinions and pictures of what people are eating, but there is another way; the way of meditation.  I have been caught in arguments and mind numbing scrolling too, but it
Communication is essential to achieve successful human relationships. However, the type of communication we have highly determines the outcome of our relationships. It all simply boils down to “how” we are connecting with each other. Jamyang Khyentse once said something intriguing about human communication: “We think that we have successful communication with others. In fact, we

The 14 Principles Of Engaged Buddhism

The Order of Interbeing (Tiep Hien) was formed by the Vietnamese monk Thich Nhat Hanh in the mid-1960’s, at a time when the Vietnam War was escalating and the teachings of the Buddha were desperately needed to combat the hatred, violence, and divisiveness enveloping his country. On the full moon day of February 1966, Zen

Meditation Is Just The Beginning

I’ve been promoting meditation as a way of health, sanity and spiritual connection for many years now. Meditation and mindfulness are becoming increasingly mainstream and popular and I think that’s a great thing. I also think it’s great that meditation has emerged from its religious context and people from all different backgrounds can practice meditation and get the benefits.

5 Ways To Overcome Compassion Fatigue

Compassion Fatigue Earlier this month, I came across a story about how more and more journalists are affected by vicarious trauma after ongoing exposure to graphic images portraying violence and suffering. As a result, many journalists turn to negative coping mechanisms including social isolation and some seek care for post-traumatic stress, depression, and anxiety. As
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Tibetan Buddhism Ever since I read a book by the Dalai Lama I have been hooked on Tibetan Buddhism. I even spent a year as a Buddhist monk 2003/2004. I spent six years studying full time living in a retreat hut at a Tibetan Buddhist centre in Queensland Australia where I learned a great deal