Take The 21 Day Meditation Challenge

  • Have you always wanted to have a daily meditation practice ?
  • Train in powerful authentic Buddhist meditations ?
  • Do you want to overcome stress and anxiety and become calm?
  • Experience peaceful and joyful states of mind ?
  • Get all the healing and therapeutic benefits of meditation ?
  • Receive ongoing support from an experienced meditation teacher ?

This meditation challenge is for YOU!


This 21 day guided meditation challenge was created by former Buddhist monk and internationally renowned meditation teacher Chad Foreman and is designed to guide you through gradual stages of meditation from the basics of relaxation and mindfulness to the most profound experiences of the clear light of awareness.

Creating one of the healthiest habits of your life and contacting a deep sense of peace and natural joy within.

Meditate for 20 minutes a day for 21 days and experience:

  • Therapeutic benefits including helping to overcome depression, stress, anxiety and sleep disorders. These 21 guided meditations are deeply relaxing and healing.
  • Grow your brain becoming smarter, develop clarity and improve your concentration.
  • Discover a hidden treasure of inner natural joy and well being.
  • Full support from a former Buddhist monk and fully qualified meditation teacher.
  • Powerful authentic meditation methods from Tibetan Buddhism.

Includes meditation articles from some of the greatest meditation masters of all time
sharing their experience and wisdom.

This is a superior meditation course which combines the direct experience of guided meditations
and teachings from great meditation masters.

Take The 21 Day Meditation Challenge Now


  • This is very simply the best guided meditation experience online today.
  • Meditate for twenty minutes a day for twenty one days using guided meditation recordings guided by experienced meditator and teacher Chad Foreman.
  • Learn from the best. Includes articles from world leaders in meditation including The Dalai Lama, Alan Watts, Thich Nhat Hanh, Sharon Salzberg, Sogyal Rinpoche, Ramana Maharshi, Chad Foreman, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche and more.
  • The daily guided meditations are not just talks they are powerful Buddhist methods to unlock your potential, clarify and connect you with a natural state of being which will enable a deep sense of peace, flow and clarity to arise.
  • Over the 21 days you will dissolve negative thoughts, melt away stress, overcome disturbing emotions and release energy blocks. This will ensure all obstacles will be removed to easily reveal the profound radiance and bliss of natural awareness.
  • This is a gradual easy to follow program from simple relaxation methods to profound states. Experience relaxation, pure presence, love, focus, clarity, mindfulness, the bliss of inner fire and discover the simplicity and natural joy of just being.
  • In the final stages there are guided meditations with methods from the greatest non-dual traditions like Zen, Dzogchen and Advaita Vedanta which point out the deepest and most profound levels of being.

This is a rare opportunity to receive guided meditations on profound subjects from an experienced meditation teacher. Chad Foreman is a former Buddhist monk, he has twenty years experience teaching and guiding people in meditation and is a fully qualified meditation teacher with The Australian Institute of Meditation. You get his full support through unlimited email contact. This is a rare opportunity to have direct contact and guidance from such an experienced meditator and teacher.

These guided meditations will connect you with a flow and wisdom 

that will have a profound  effect on all areas of your life.

get_started_buttonCreate a Healthy Habit

Taking the challenge and meditating for 21 days has an amazing and powerful impact on the mind. Research has shown it takes 21 days to establish a habit. These meditation methods are designed to ingrain the healthy habit of daily meditation and penetrate to the core of your being. Meditating at the same time every day, you will look forward to your practice and develop strong neural pathways in your brain that will establish a life long healthy and enlightened habit. You will literally be growing your brain becoming smarter, less stressed and happier.

Meditation is the greatest gift you can give yourself

Modern neuroscience has already demonstrated the immense benefits that you can derive from a consistent meditation practice. Meditation has been used effectively to treat major mental health issues like depression and anxiety and drastically reduces stress. It grows parts of your brain associated with intelligence and empathy and helps to live calmly. Traditionally Buddhist meditation has been used to achieve deep states of calm and insight, unlocking resources of inner peace and well being. In the modern world meditation is indispensable to maintain a stable and healthy mind, help manage strong emotions and find a deeply satisfying sense of peace in your life.

Meditation will transform your life

 Full Support

20151003_175141bthumbChad Foreman is dedicated in supporting you every step of the way with free unlimited email contact. Chad also offers face to face private support. Chad is a fully qualified meditation teacher with the Australian Institute of Meditation, he has spent 6 years in a Buddhist retreat hut studying and practising full time with a Tibetan Buddhist Guru. During that time he also committed to 1 year of celibacy as a Buddhist monk. Chad now brings you the powerful ancient Buddhist teachings into the modern world to help transform your life. Chad has also studied psychology and counselling at university which enables him to present a modern, non religious approach of ancient spiritual wisdom.

Having the ongoing support of a meditation expert like Chad Foreman is incredibly valuable

Essays and Articles From Meditation Experts

Each of the 21 Guided Meditations comes with a lesson about what you’re meditating on and further reading from great masters and meditation experts. Chad strongly believes in combining your practice with study. It is vital to actually sit down and experience the meditations directly but it is also important to develop the knowledge of what you’re doing and why.

After completing the 21 day program you will be equipped to understand and create your own daily meditations. You will not only have knowledge of meditation you will have had the direct experiences yourself.

You will be learning the principles and psychology of meditation as you go

Contents Of The 21 Guided Meditations:

  1. Posture
  2. Turning Inward
  3. Altruistic Motivation
  4. Muscle Relaxation & Tension Release
  5. Equanimity
  6. Love & Forgiveness
  7. Breathing Exercises
  8. Mindful Breathing
  9. Contacting Awareness
  10. The 3 Stillness’s
  11. Enquiry Into Awareness
  12. Discovering Inner Space
  13. Wisdom Of Uncertainty
  14. Visualisation As A Divine Being
  15. Inner Fire
  16. Repeating a Mantra
  17. The Great Perfection
  18. Radical Acceptance
  19. Radiant Emptiness
  20. Non-Dual Wisdom
  21. Dedication For All Beings

This is the best guided meditation program on the internet today


Here’s what people say about Chad’s Guided Meditations:

Chris Huxtable from Chicago, USA says:

“If anyone has been interested in meditation but has been too overwhelmed with how or where to start, I really recommend this. It’s a 21 day course with a daily guided meditation and reading articles from mediation masters to go along with it. The creator studied with Buddhist Lamas for a decade so he teaches the authentic time tested science of meditation not a watered down version. There are  free guided meditations on the site you can try before enrolling in the course. I did the “Relaxation and Acceptance” one the other day and I felt like a new person for hours after.” 

Katie Bestavaar from Queensland, Australia says:

I’ve been attending your monthly meditations for 3-4 years now, and have gained so much from them. I was new to meditation then, and it took me a little while to be able to really feel into my heart and my body. You taught me how to access my inner spaciousness, and different methods of letting unwanted thoughts/ideas go.

Owner of The Yoga Sanctuary in Mapleton, Ausrtalia Tara Witkowski says:

 “I am so very grateful for this very inspiring man Chad Foreman, who taught and embodied meditation in my yoga studio for around 2yrs. He is a very clear and wise teacher with deep understanding of the mind and possessing a compassionate heart. He teaches with humour, lightness and great sensitivity.” 

Ana Vecic From Serbia says:

“Even though I’ve been meditating for 3 years now (not such a long time:) )I’m enjoying these meditations immensely, especially the Insight one. They are really easy to follow and to get into “the zone ” so to say. There’s also something about that place you recorded that gives it a special something, sounds of nature add richness and depth. Looking forward to new ones.” 

Audrey Flierman From Mapleton, Australia says:

“Following one of Chad’s meditations daily is one of the best things I do for myself. It provides me with a lovely start to the day. It provides me with peace to fall into a blissful sleep. In between, the techniques help me approach issues in my day with a calmness I couldn’t find before. Heartfelt thanks Chad.” 

 Geoff Dean From Sunshine Coast, Australia says:

 “I just sat with your recorded meditation and was enchanted. It was as deep an experience as having you physically present with your gong and flute. Past experience of recorded meditations felt like performances; yours felt beyond speaking and listening, a shared energy somewhere beyond my mind.” 

 Melissa Lohman From Sunshine Coast, Australia says:

 “Every meditation session with Chad has been rewarding, inspiring, peaceful and  uplifting – thank you for your dedication.” 

 Pat Murray From Sunshine Coast, Australia says:

“My 10 year meditation journey with Chad has been an inspiring road of reconnecting to our core essence and compassion for all beings. Chad’s mindfulness meditation techniques are simple yet profoundly effective for anyone seeking peace and contentment. His insights and understanding of the way the mind effects our well being is reflected in his teachings and techniques and blurs the boundaries of belief systems so as to encompass all.” 


 Chad Foreman Meditation Mindfulness Coach